14•15•16 November 2014
dr. Jan Scholten
Seminario Venue:
Hotel SAN MARCO****
Via Baldassarre Longhena, 42 • 37138 Verona
“If the Nobel Prize for medicine was really awarded for the year’s most important
medical discovery and if homoeopathy was a mainstream therapy, Jan Scholten
would surely have won it by now.”
Jan Scholten continues to raise the bar in homeopathy and through his genius we all
have the potential to be great homeopaths.”.
Nick Churchill,
“The Homoeopath”, Rivista della Society of Homoeopaths.

Seminar Aim:

Jan Scholten will present his new system in November through
the seminar in Verona.
This seminar will provide also an interpretation of his book

“Wonderful Plants”.

Dr. Scholten will present many interesting cases and many
remedies. The Seminar goal is to create a systematic overview
of the plant kingdom in order to get a grasp on the prescription
of plants. Many homeopaths think that his system creates a
clearer and more extensive accessibility to the plant kingdom,
much as his Elements System did with the mineral kingdom.