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Natural products for the psycho-physical well-being




Golamix spray is a solution of honey syrup with propolis and grapefruit seeds extract, prepared to soothe and relieve the throat.

PROPOLIS: Propolis is a scented resinous substance collected by bees in spring from the buds of some trees like: birch, poplar, elm, willow, oak, horse chestnut, ash tree, pine, fir. It is made of: 50-55% resin, 30-40% wax, 5% pollen, and 5% of organic and mineral substances.


GRAPEFRUIT SEEDS EXTRACT: Grapefruit seeds contain bioflavonoids and naringin, isosakuranetin, neohesperidin, hesperidin, dihydrocampherol, quercetin, campherol, apigenin rutinoside, and so on, as well as some proteins. The extract is derived from the seeds and dried pulp. 

HONEY: Honey is a food with several properties like:

• anti-inflammatory properties

• it soothes cough and disinfects the respiratory ways.