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A complete range of products that are characterized by their fragrances and their healing properties.

In addition to the indisputable cosmetic properties, the active ingredients found in plants that make up the product give it a curative effect. The extensive literature on the Eau de Philae shows a remarkable efficacy of this compound as a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, assisting the healing and rehabilitation post-trauma.

Homeopathic remedies for sport
An interesting field of application Eau de Philae is definitely the sports medicine: use in massage it helps to reduce fatigue and soothe muscle pain.

L'Eau de Philae is a remedy for all ages: diluted in the bath for babies, for example, has a soothing helping to reduce redness typical of the first months of life of children.


The other uses
L'Eau de Philae is an alcoholic solution based on plant constituents, developed on the basis of an ancient Egyptian formula found in the island of Philae. This substance is also used for some time as a cosmetic product.