Natural and organic cosmetic products, made in Cornwall and resulting from the experience of Cemon UK.

Cosmetic products are developed to respond to the need for personal care and cleansing products for women and men but also to fulfil their desire for vanity. Most cosmetic products on the market contain chemical substances that are aggressive to the skin. Especially women are daily exposed to these risks without being aware of them.

Ce.m.o.n. ethical cosmetics

During the years, awareness has been increasing about the importance to take care of one’s own skin and ethical cosmetics started to be developed. The result was the production of organic products, developed to contrast the damages caused by cosmetics containing pesticides, antibiotics, preservatives and colourings.

Ce.m.o.n. centre has immediately understood this need and designed a cosmetic line created in the respect for all living beings and the Earth, unlike all those cosmetic products that have a strong negative impact on the Earth and his inhabitants. Ce.m.o.n. cosmetic products are 100% natural and do not contain chemical substances.

Cleansing the skin
In homeopathy, the skin is among the most important draining organs, dealing with the cleansing of the body. According to the Hering’s Law, the most internal organs of a sick body heal earlier than the most external ones, so it is fundamental that the skin can easily clear out toxins.

Ce.m.o.n. Inlight product line was designed with this goal: to offer the pleasure of cleansing and protective cosmetics able to interact with the skin and to enhance its protection and clearing systems.

  The Ce.m.o.n. centre, aware of the damages caused by traditional cosmetic products, is committed to create a fully organic cosmetic line. This is how Inlight was born: a line of Ce.m.o.n. products exclusively made of herbs and vegetable essential oils that integrates the fatty elements of the skin by similarity.

Inlight products, since they contain physiological elements, stimulate the skin to recover the hydro-lipid balance and allow it to clear out toxins little by little. Furthermore, they do not contain preservatives, colourings and chemical perfumes, alcohol and genetically modified organisms.

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