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23° International Seminar Of Homeopathic Medicine -THE LANGUAGE OF THE SOURCE

Da 11/May/2018 A : 13/May/2018 Luogo : Genova

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23° International Seminar Of Homeopathic Medicine -THE LANGUAGE OF THE SOURCE

XXIII International Seminar Of Homeopathic Medicine

The Language of the Source

Divya Chhabra  e Roberto Petrucci 

11 - 13 May 2018

Genova Nervi - Hotel Astor

Divya Chhabbra and Roberto Petrucci will show their work method that if different has many things in common, especially the ability to grasp “the language of the source”, of the remedy. Divya works mainly on the patient’s unconscious paying attention to mistakes, denials, correction, unspoken words and absurdities. Her focus on every singe patient’s words is extraor - dinary and she can exploit the tiniest nuances to unveil hidden information. She maintains that prescription spectrum ranges from Calcarea carbonica to Buckminsterfullerene, from the most classical and widely known remedy to the latest discovery amongst carbon compounds. Roberto also thinks man - kind cannot be represented by few dozens remedies and that it is worth ex - tending prescription options working also on different similitude levels. This does not mean giving up two hundred years of homeopathy because they are both extremely respectful of our great masters of the past. Divya and Roberto will show videos of cases to illustrate their astonishing skills in case taking and analysis. This workshop will give you the opportunity to improve your prac - tice, developing your case-taking and diagnostic techniques


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for members of FIAMO 2018 and students 1st level 3-year course at LUIMO – FIAMO – MU –SIMOH – SMB –SIOMI – SISDOH. 



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