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The Manifesto of Homeopathy

The human body is a temple, and as such must be cared for and respected at all times!”

In order to fully understand homeopathic medicine, it is fundamental to know its underlying philosophic rationale. It is necessary to start from the one whose medical doctrine became a universal point of reference in the world of medicine: Hippocrates.

Healing without harming
The hippocratic approach according to which the most important element is “man” is called “holistic”. The word comes from the Greek and it means something which represents at the same time the parts and the wholes. Hippocrates' teaching results into the figure of a “scientist” physician, who does not only deal with medicine but also with mathematics, physics and philosophy.
At the core of the hippocratic thought there is the idea that the physician cannot delegate his own research to pre-established concepts, but he must rely on direct observations in order to obtain a “unique and unreproducible” profile of the sick individual. The concept of “healing without harming” results from this reasoning, which underlies the development of  Ce.m.o.n. Presidio Omeopatia Italiana.
Ce.m.o.n. wonders about medicine, the role of physicians and health to carry on the transformation necessary to overtake mistakes, myths and superstitions which obstruct the development of the “Healing without harming” principle, first rule of the Hippocratic Oath.
The concept of illness.

The acknowledgement of the corporate mission “Healing without harming” is the reason why the website of Ce.m.o.n. centre is not only a support for our sales activities but also a project room where to spread the concept that illness is more than an organic status which has to be tackled with a drug, but it is rather a life and social circumstance.