Homeopathic medicinal products based experimental are the backbone of pharmaceutical production.

The center Ce.mon is very attentive to the quality of homeopathic remedies and freedom of choice of the most suitable therapy.

Ce.m.o.n. homeopath guarantees the opportunity to complete his medical act with the prescription of a homeopathic remedy based on the experimental excellent processing.

Ce.m.o.n. conducts several checks on all its products and homeopathic cosmetics, ensuring their effectiveness and their respect for nature. This is how the line of homeopathic products Dynamis: remedies sold in drops, which are contained in bottles already adapted to the administration.

The liquid occupies 2/3 of the bottle, allowing for a more dynamic effective remedy, as indicated by the same Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy.

The alcohol content is 50% vol or 18 vol% pure alcohol used (bioalcol) is produced only from certified organic grain. In addition, to exclude the presence of gluten, alcohol is used regularly subjected to ELISA


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