The Floral Mothers Essences of the Luk Flowers Dr. And Bach are obtained, according to the method handed down by the same Dr. Edward Bach, for maceration of flowers and inflorescences in rock water, exposed, therefore, in full sun in the place of collection for four hours and in the presence of its preparer, dr. Nicola Di Novella and stabilized with equal quantities of active brandy of about 40° alcohol.

They are subsequently stored in glass, in the dark, dry, in ancient wooden cases, for a solar year, far from sound sources, electromagnetic waves and other types of radiation.

One of the peculiarities of Luk Flowers Dr. And Bach is that all the Floral Essences are obtained with the solar method, without the use of boiling, because the Mediterranean-continental climate of Lucania allows you to have days with many hours of sunshine.
Usually, for the preparation of the Bach flowers , it is used using boiling to provide energy
to those essences that, deriving from plants that bloom at the beginning of Spring, can not take more than four hours of consecutive sunshine. The macerations are carried out, following the method of Dr. Edward Bach; the flowers are left to macerate on sunny days that coincide with the full moon phase, in the territories of Ancient Lucania.

Features and quality advantages:

– use of male and female inflorescences for 10 plants monoiche dicline
– use of the solar method for all 38 flower essences
– excellent botanical quality of the floral essences of the southern Apennines
– manual processing in small lots
– optimization of collection and processing according to the best astronomical synergies
– selective collection of flower essences in uncontaminated places
– use of rock spring water for the preparation of mother essences



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