Homeopharmhigh quality homeopathic medicines, the result of the experience of Italian homeopathic medical experts.All products of Homeopharmfollow strict production standards and are put on the market only after strict controls.Compliance with the GMP standards represents a commitment and constant attention in every processing phaseThe incoming raw materials are checked to assess their compliance with the required standards.The production environments, through modern filtration and air conditioning systems, are structured to avoid any contamination.Before being placed on the market, the finished product is carefully analyzed.

The product lines Homeos, Homeovit, Horus, Altherna and Complexa.


All Homeos complexes use formulas that combine multiple homeopathic remedies chosen according to the law of Hahnemannian Similitude and according to the symptoms they intend to treat.The remedies present in the “complex” are in low decimal dilution being addressed to one or more parts of the biological spaces that are intended to be treated.In fact, the formulations cover all the symptoms that can be found in most of the conditions for which they are indicated.


The remedies of the Homeovit® line fully meet the physician’s need to obtain, in a short time, a positive symptomatic benefit for the patient, which also presents intricate, multiform or chronic syndromic clinical pictures.Homeovit® homeopathic complexes have been appropriately studied and realized in such a way as to cover the various “spaces” o disrupted biological “districts” of the organism.This is achieved both with the differentiated range of the various remedies composing the complex, and with the different degrees of homeopathic dynamization of each remedy, simultaneously present in each complex (Hahnemannian decimal scalar powers).


This line of Homeopathic Complexes stems from the need to provide a simple and effective therapeutic tool to quickly make a correct analysis of the symptoms expressed by the patient.The complexes are formulated strictly according to the Hahnemannian Similitude Principle.The choice of individual remedies was made taking into account incompatibilities, synergies and possible reciprocal antidote actions.The chosen dilutions are those that, based on clinical experience and bibliography, have given the most reliable and constant answers.Naturally, the best results are obtained the higher the degree of similarity between the symptom manifested by the patient and the one expressed by the Materia Medica del Rimedio.


These remedies offer the opportunity to overcome some prescriptive obstacles that present themselves in current clinical practice and which are linked to the increasingly evident reduced metabolic response of most patients of our time, subjected to the biochemical “chaos” due to both toxic environmental causes , that to (dis) nutritional factors.The wide range of dynamizations of the remedies present in each preparation, associated with mother tinctures and gem-like glyceric derivatives, allows to stimulate various and different reactive modes of the organism in a therapeutic sense.


Characteristic common to the products of the Complexa line is the presence of herbal remedies, in association synergistic, present in low potencies and / or in weighted dose.This allows to obtain a high degree of organism tropism of the various remedies, associated with a rapidity of therapeutic action, or drainage.The pharmaceutical form in syrup facilitates the personalization of the therapeutic dosage and the administration itself.These characteristics justify its particular simplicity of use.

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